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Club Rules

Player Code of Conduct:

The Manotick Badminton Club operates in a positive atmosphere of respect, fair play and good sportsmanship.

Respect the court time allowed for games. Leave the court promptly when finished. Do not cut across another court in use.

Zero tolerance for loud, abusive or profane language.

Zero tolerance for racquet throwing or indiscriminately hitting the shuttle.

Share your expertise with less experienced players, when asked.

Develop a consistent habit of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Proper badminton attire is required – wear non marking indoor court shoes.

No chewing gum or candy allowed while you are on court, at all times.

No hats allowed while you are on court.

The wearing of polycarbonate lenses in a frame designed for sports (ASTM F803) is strongly recommended during club play for all members and guests. The use of protective eyewear for Juniors in doubles play is mandatory.

Club Regulations

1. Members and any persons attending the Manotick Badminton Club (MBC) shall ensure that they comply with all rules and regulations posted in the facility and/or on the property, and with all directions given by St Mark High School representatives.

2. MBC members and any persons attending the club shall only have access to the: gymnasium, male & female change rooms & washrooms.

3. MBC members and any persons attending the club with a motor vehicle shall not park same anywhere other than in one of the two parking lots that form part of the property and shall comply with any restrictions on parking as may be posted or otherwise designated in those lots.

4. MBC members and any persons attending the club must change into appropriate athletic footwear and must not enter the gymnasium in shoes that have been worn outside. The use of shoes marking the surfaces is strictly prohibited. All spectators must remove their shoes before entering the gymnasium.

5. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, gambling or illicit substances are strictly prohibited within the facility or otherwise within or on the property of St Mark High School.

6. Any Member or guest attending the club will be asked to leave if he or she is intoxicated and/or causing a disturbance.

7. Aisles, fire exits, lobbies, passageways, stairways or doorways are not to be blocked by members or by anyone attending an event or activity.

8. Members shall not permit garbage or debris to accumulate at the facility. Garbage bins are provided near the gymnasium.

9. Members shall be solely responsible for their own safety and the safety of their guests attending the club. Protective eyewear is strongly recommended for all players.

10. Members shall not do or permit to be done any act which shall or might subject St Mark High School and/or the Manotick Badminton Club to any liability or responsibility for injury to any person or persons or to property by reason of such activity.

11. The Member shall indemnify St Mark High School and the Manotick Badminton Club against any loss, damage, injury or death suffered from the use of the facility or the premises and for any loss or damage to property of St Mark high School or the MBC caused by the negligence of the member.

12. The member shall not damage the facility or any other property or equipment belonging to St Mark High School or the MBC. The member assumes all responsibility of any damages caused by the member and their guest(s) to the facility, property or equipment of St Mark High School or the Manotick Badminton Club. The member agrees to be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of any St Mark High School or MBC property lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or defaced by the member or their guest(s). Any such damage may be repaired or replaced by St Mark High School and/or MBC and all costs so incurred shall be payable by the member on demand.

13. St Mark High School and the MBC shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, theft or destruction of the member’s property by any cause of whatever nature.

14. At the end of each evening, the member agrees to leave the facility in a clean state.